3rd Annual "Latino Family Symposium" scheduled for Saturday, February 2, 2019.

Officers & Board of Directors

President - Frank Guzman, Sr.

Founder of the Latino Educational Association and Vice President of the PUSD Board of Education.  

Vice President - Marco Sanchez

Principal of Garey High School.

Treasurer - Tina Solorzano

Dean of Students at Pomona High School. 

Secretary - Maria Garcia

PUSD Staff Assistant in Pupil & Community Services. 

Director - Luis Rodriguez

Principal of Park West High School

Director - Maricela Rodarte

Office Manager - Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design.

Director - Ramona Valenzuela

Teacher in Child Development,

Alcott Elementary School.

Director - Juan Ortiz

Principal at Marshall Middle School.

Director- Christine Cruz-Arvayo

Program Administrator in Curriculum & Instruction for Secondary Education.

Director - Patricia Guillen

Office Manager at Ganesha High School.

Director - Sebastian Black

PUSD Assistant Principal on Assignment 

in Pupil & Community Services.

Director - Glenda Vazquez

Dean of Students at Garey High School.

Director - Frank Guzman, Jr.

Student at the University of Michigan.

Director - Rita Torres

Teacher at Garey High School.

Director - Xochitl (Ali) Avila

Office Manager at Village Academy High School.

Director - Tatiana Gomez

Coordinator for Child Welfare & Attendance in Pupil Services

Liaison - Richard Martinez

PUSD Superintendent of Schools.